5 Tips & Tricks to a Successful Photo Shoot

  1. Depersonalize and Declutter, Remove all personal photos and excess clutter from your home. This includes frames, wall stickers, cleaning counters, toys, extra furniture making a room look small, children’s artwork, and stuff hanging off the fridge. This will make home appear larger and attract potential buyers.
  2. Replace burnt out light bulbs. Seeing a burnt out bulb in a photo will leave a lasting impression on a browser looking at your home online. They will begin to think what other things has this seller not done?
  3. Put the toilet lid down. This is one of the biggest pet peeves of online lookers. This also goes hand in hand with making sure baths are cleaned and toilet paper is present.
  4. Open curtains, blinds, and turn on lights. Buyers like light and airy homes. This will also help the photographer catch your home in the right “light".
  5. Don’t forget about the exterior. The exterior shot is the first one a buyer will see when searching homes online. Make sure your home looks neat and tidy from the outside. Making a good first impression will get the potential buyer to keep clicking on the photos and potentially scheduling an appointment to see your home!