The holidays are over and decorations are down. I want to sell my home this year but when is the right time? Can I sell my home now? Should I wait for Spring? Will the snow and cold weather turn buyers off?

  1. Supply and Demand-A simple lesson in supply and demand will tell you to get ahead of your competition and sell your home now. There are traditionally less homes on the market in the winter. This makes supply low. Which creates a demand and a “sellers’ market.” You can render a top dollar sale in a short amount of time vs. waiting for more friendly weather.
  2. Serious Pool of Buyers-Buyers that are out looking in the cold weather and snowy days are the dream buyers. They usually have a reason to be looking and buying in the winter vs. less serious buyers in a warmer season that can be casually looking with no deadline or motivation. Winter buyers are usually prompted by a lifestyle demand.
  3. Year End Bonuses, Relocation, and Retirement-Buyers at the end of a fiscal calendar may make the decision to use a hefty work bonus, a recent retirement payout, or a job promotion as the right time to upgrade their home. You as a seller may be able to take advantage of this pivotal moment.

Each season of the year brings out different potential buyers and positive reasons to sell your home. Winter is the dark horse that sellers typically don’t think about as an opportune moment to sell. Go against the grain and sell now!